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Sunday Funday on Black Mountain

Updated: Dec 12, 2017

Mountain: Black Mountain (Benton, NH)

Hike Time: 3 Hours

Mileage: 3.8

Ventured out today to hike another 52 with a View Mountain for the list. After getting a couple inches of snow yesterday I really just wanted to get out with the dogs and play in it (What can I say? I'm a big kid at heart). I picked this hike because we wanted something short and not too far. Another 1pm start time because our lazy butts slept in and took our sweet Sunday morning time. The best kind of hikes sometime!

We were the first ones breaking trail today. I was worried at first I would have to break out the snow shoes, but luckily the fresh snow was only a couple inches and very do-able with just spikes (John bare booted it, such a Rebel). Ok.. the snow shoe gig... I HIGHLY dislike them. I am not that graceful so when you add 2 giant duck feet under my feet, I turn into a snow shoeing buffoon. I wish I was kidding. The best part of it is the enjoyment others get watching me fall and trip over my own feet all day. I promise video footage of this coming soon.

We had the beautiful snow covered woods all to ourselves. There was even some extra snow falling on us on the way up. We thought the top might be socked in and be stuck in the clouds due to snow. It would've defeated the 52 "With A View" part but I still enjoy hiking just the same and like to get my dogs some mountain play time before the work week again.

We kept popping out on false summits. To be fair we misread the sign at the beginning.. we thought the mountain was 1.5 not 1.9. I promise I can normally read numbers. This was the first false summit- cloudy, snowy goodness all around! Kept on hiking on...

Finally made it to summit

We did it right this time and remembered to drink our summit beers. I don't know what happens, it gets cold up there and you forget. Well, never again puling an amateur move like that. Chugged beers and began our running snow slip-slide down before we ran out of daylight. We summited about 3 o'clock which only gave us about an hour and 15 minutes until sunset. Plenty of time for this short hike but getting caught in the dark can mean bad news, especially in this cold time of year. You know "Fall." That's some BS, I don't care what the calendar says. If its 35 degrees out and snowing all over my face- it's Winter. Fight me.

Happy Hiking Friends! Hope everyone had a good weekend and got some fresh air.

Black Mountain # 17/52

-Laura the Explorer

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