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South Moat Mountain Hike

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

Peaks: South Moat

Miles: 5.4

Hike Date: 01/14/2018

52 List #: 19/52

Summit Beer: Fireball shot(s)

You guys! I have so many exciting things to tell you.

I found a new favorite mountain, and I did an engagement photo shoot for the first time. I am no professional photographer. Just a girl with a camera, pretending I know what the F I'm doing. Similar to how I get through life. Fake it, 'til you make it babes! It's my motto.

John, Little Bro (Luke), the pups and I all set off bright eyed and bushy tailed on this Sunday morning to go hike. We met Mike and Melissa (my hiking friends, and engagement photo shoot victims) along the way so they could follow us to the trailhead. There is a special way to enter in Winter due to road closures, so make sure your GPS is bringing you from the Route 16 side on your way here.

We were spoiled in terms of weather. It had gotten up to 50 degrees in the prior week, so no snow shoes (I celebrated, obviously.) It seriously felt like a spring day, in the middle of January. Parts of the trail were even bare, tons of melting going on. & Sunshine, oh glorious sunshine. I feel like this day was my reward for surviving the previous negative 2 weather days without hiking and successfully not murdering a single soul. Or diving straight into hibernation.

We are calling the picture below: Sapsicles

You guys might've remembered from a previous blog post of mine, that my microspikes are dulling and don't work fantastically. Welp. I've been in denial and haven't replaced them yet. DON'T YELL AT ME. I swear I'll order new ones as soon as I'm done this. Luke was super kind to hang back with me while I carefully took the routes around the ice as much as I could. He also forced me to use one of his trekking poles. I am anti poles, but by the end, he may have sold me on them... we'll see.

This hike, I'm telling you. It's epic! As we started approaching the top there are views on either side of you. All kinds of open, mountain air and sights to take in. We probably spent close to an hour on the summit, which is unheard of in winter. Plus I was able to get some photos of Mike and Melissa for their engagement! Eeeee!

Look at that bling!

I had so much fun capturing these. & I have a million pictures from this day, it's hard to narrow down to an internetly accepted blog amount. But I'm trying! On the summit: we snacked. Dried mangos, and cheese and crackers and trail mix and fireball shots. & John, attempted to make us a fire. Calm down everyone- I'm sure this is illegal or wilderness frowned upon or whatever, but he has a new survival fire starter tool and he needs to practice to make sure if ever needed, that he's a pro status. No wilderness was harmed, and leave no trace was followed.

The dogs- also I'm pretty sure had the best day ever. We had 3 with us today, which I decided qualifies as a small wolf pack. We've done it- Wolf Pack status Folks.

Our hike down was equally as fun. Scrambling down through mixed bits of snow and ice and bare trail. Stopping to take tons more photos.

Promise you won't laugh... but I really wanted to eat at Moat Mountain Brewery after. I've heard phenomenal things about it. & For the sake of puns... well why can't we hike Moat Mountain and then eat there after. From Mountain to Table. It can be a new thing...& It was obviously fate because they gave me a seat right in front of the fire place. Where I happily warmed up post hike and drank beer and ate great food like all well deserving adults should do after a day in the woods.

The first hike of 2018, and we set the bar high.

I look forward to sharing so many more adventures in 2018. I've got some big dreams up my sleeve. Hikes, and travels, and new places to visit. Maybe my photography skills will improve, maybe my snack game stays strong.

You'll have to stay tuned to find out & definitely subscribe for emails if you haven't yet.

Happy hiking friends!

- Laura the Explorer

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