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Mt. Roberts; Hello Spring

Peaks: Mt. Roberts

Miles: 5

Hike Date: 03/31/2018

Spring! Here comes the sun.

This past Saturday we hiked. & Glorious things happened.

Blue skies.

Temps in the 50's

Bare boot hiking

And! I made a new friend.

Sarah and I just so happened to both hike Waumbek the same day this winter. Then blog about it. We both belong to the NH Women's Hiking Group where she had posted asking if any of the other ladies were bloggers. Turns out we are actually basically twins. We were both 5 minutes late due to needing to stop to pee. We legit showed up wearing the same Darn Tough purplish socks, and we both brought the same summit snack... baby food pouches. The list goes on! Coincidences? Or hiking blog twins? Idk exactly, but I love it!

Check out Sarah's Blog Here!

I am always needing new hiking friends as sometimes my regular hiking peeps can't make it out everyyy weekend. Understandably so. Although I do hike solo a lot, it's just more fun with a friend sometimes. I had been looking for more hiking friends, and now: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. We are going to plan tons more awesome hikes together- and she is game to join our Presi-Traverse plans. I celebrate all victories in life- including small feats such as new friendships.

P.S. If you haven't figured it out by now there are small tidbits of Laura wisdom sprinkled all throughout my blogs. Find them. Apply them. Steal them. Adopt them as your own. My gift to you.

Mt. Roberts secret tidbit for you: Celebrate all victories of life. All the time. Even small ones.

Just before the trail head is this incredible Gnome house! I absolutely love it. I tried to move in but there was a no trespassing sign... bummer

Luke, Sarah and I set off to hike Mt. Roberts around 9:30 am from Castle in the Clouds.

This hike is a really great one just based on the location alone. Castle in the Clouds has beautiful grounds- #1 a Castle, it's own private pond, tons of trails, waterfalls, mountain views and a horse stable. Plus that Gnome village house that I want for my own. Easy to spend a half to even a full day exploring the area.

Spring is such a great season, and very symbolic for life. Like a mood as well as a season. We start to celebrate warmer temperatures, sunshine, and the beginning of a much needed change. A season for growth. Warmth, and most importantly... getting rid of this snow. I know you all were thinking it, even if you didn't want to admit it.

"I'm sorry for what I said when it was Winter." - Everyone in New Hampshire

Although hiking in the winter has it's perks, it was so nice to break out the spring gear. Trail runners, my day pack, and NO snowshoes. Happy Dance. I soaked it in and enjoyed every second of it.

Hiking Crew

Although there was still snow on the trail, it was not deep enough for crazy post holes. Just spring slushy snow that tries to steal your shoes.

Blaze boy

Luke and I have hiked Mt. Roberts before. The first time however, we had no views and we were up in the clouds. It was nice to come back on a clear day and see what the fuss is all about. This mountain IS on the '52 With a View List' after all. We also knew from our previous hike here... there is a horse pen you pass along the trail. I would recommend leashing your dog until after this point. Just trust me on this one..

Blaze...on Mt. Roberts Adventure # 1 ran into the horse pen. Very large horses were stomping towards him as he ran between them with the BIGGEST shit eating grin you can imagine a dog having. He was in paradise. & The horses? Well they were traumatized, as was I. I am sure the horses believed he as a straight up Wolf. I was panicking hoping no one was watching this from the stable. Even though Blaze was wearing his E-Collar he was having too much fun to listen to me. I eventually coaxed him out of there, everyone was unharmed, and no one asked me to leave the property- Success!

This time, we played it safe and didn't let him off leash until were in the clear past the fences. Whoo hoo, NH's live free or die no leash laws. It's great to be home. (Last weekend we hiked in NY, where we had to keep both dogs leashed.)

Blaze's BFF's

The views are really rewarding for not needing to drive too far north- and for the miles. The lakes region is just so photogenic from up here. New Hampshire, you pretty lady, don't ever change.

Obviously, New Hampshire would be a woman.. Mountain curves that leave you speechless. The powerful ocean, just nearby. Humble secrets hidden in its forests, notches, and rivers. She is complex with both quiet places, and city places. Beautiful and dangerous. All at the same time. When she's happy- you feel that. Like sunshine and a perfect 75 degrees. Or the blessing of a cool breeze when its 90 and humid. When she's angry? Oh, you'll know that too. She sends fatal temperatures and vexed winds to Mt. Washington's summit. Snowstorms to take your power right out. #Girlpower

& Here we are. Lucky enough to come along for the ride and all her many moods.

Luna on the summit

We hiked, we saw views, we conquered. Blaze and Luna enjoyed some treats on the summit, and we scarfed down some trail mix and baby food... don't judge. They're like handheld packets of mangoes. Just ready to eat at your convenience. Perhaps one day I will make you guys a post just about my hiking food. I am, a self proclaimed snack Queen, after all. At any given time, I probably have snacks on me or hidden somewhere. It's just how I roll.

I now share with the internet.. my awkward true form. A silly/non photogenic face, in my natural habitat. Eating baby food with my new friend Sarah.

Snack Twins cheers-ing our babe food. See what I did there "Babe Food"... :)

Luke (AKA Little Bro Dude) He makes this trail mix himself. Which seems like a simple task... but his turns out delicious and he brings enough to share

"There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of Nature- the assurance that dawn comes after night, and Spring comes after Winter."

In the spirit of Spring and change...

I've got a couple things up my sleeve. I am always working to best version of myself, but I am ready to take it even more seriously, full force!

A couple things I am working towards at the moment:

  1. Destroying comfort zones- hiking with strangers for example. Or signing up for a 5k when you have asthma and suck at running.

  2. More exercise- because I always feel amazing after. & Presidential Traverse training needs to happen. Don't call it a dream, call it a plan.

  3. Positivity- and an overall great mental state of mind. It takes practice some days.

  4. Being the most zen creature.

  5. Acknowledging my intuition/gut feeling and listening to it! It's usually right.

  6. Not taking things personally... one of the Four Agreements, and one I struggle with.

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter, and that you recovered from your food comas. Embrace the spring! Make some changes. Step out of comfort zones. & Just do things that make you happy, every damn day.

Do it, Do it, Do it.

-Laura the Explorer

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