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Mt. Moriah; I'm Back Babes!

Peaks: Mt. Moriah

Miles: 9

Trail: Carter-Moriah Trail

Hike Date: 05/12/2018

View from Summit of Mt. Moriah


I'm baaaaaack.

Had to take a short hiatus from hiking/blog posts. I ran away to the islands for a week, and a couple of my hikes were rained out for what seemed like weeks on end! Since coming back from vacation- real life has been hard. Specifically work life. Spending a week in the Florida Keys (let me know if you guys are interested in seeing vacation blog post!), where life is slower, and sunnier and happier - It was magical. But coming back and working my life away has been soul sucking. I usually try and be positive! (And I promise the rest of this post is, just needed some mountain time to reset.) My job gives me the ability to mostly live the way I want to- paid time off, vacations, money for new gear. You get the jist. So I show up Monday- Friday, and for now only day dream of one day quitting and thru-hiking...

Seems like the weather has finally had a turn for the better. This past Saturday I was able to get up to the mountains. IT WAS WARM. IT WAS SUNNY. There is barely any snow left. & I AM THE HAPPIEST. It's truly amazing what spending time in nature can do for us. The long week I just had of overtime, meetings, and working through my beloved lunch hour (AKA missing gym time), completely melts away. There is just the trail, and me. The mountains are one of the most healing places. A form of meditation as you simply climb- one foot in front of the other. Breathe, and take it all in.

Miss Moriah, # 32/48

I also just NEEDED this. More than anything else. You know how the Sims characters have these little happy meters of their needs? You fulfill their needs and they get happier. Same for me- but instead of things like: being social, sleeping, and eating. Mine looks like this:

  1. Time spent with dogs

  2. Hiking

  3. Outdoors/Sunshine

  4. Fishing

  5. Snacks

I am currently at max happiness <3

Carter Moriah Trail

After meeting Sarah in Ossipee to carpool, we drove way north towards Moriah. The forecast at home had said rain- but we were staring into clear blue skies in this northern part of New Hampshire. It's impressive what you can accomplish when you are dedicated to something. How many people saw the rainy forecast, and made plans to stay on their couch instead? But us crazy hikers... Well we scoured the internet for a mountain with better weather, and drove 2.5 hours to find it. We were rewarded quite nicely.

When arriving at the Carter Moriah trailhead, it thew us off a bit since it starts right at the end of someone's driveway. There is a dirt lot up the road just before it for parking. We set off about 10am, ready to soak up all the gorgeous sunshine and great weather we found.

Our first stop: Mt. Surprise. It's like a BOGO free with this hike, since you will go over Surprise on the way to Moriah. Even the trail was quiet today, we probably saw a total of 10 other hikers. Basically a dead town compared to what I'm used to seeing on the 4000 footers in terms of foot traffic.

We hit some patches of snow and ice probably for the last mile or so before the summit. But all of us were so happy to be out, that we didn't mind.

Views from Mt. Surprise

Luna's 20th NH 4000 Footer

We breaked for snacks on the open ledges. Surrounded by stunning views of the Presidentials and nearby mountains. Moriah is definitely a gem, that does not get enough credit. The views seemed to just go on and on, and yet I feel like this hike is not a commonly raved about one. We'll just keep it our little secret.

There are so many things I love about hiking: quality one on one time with my dogs. Solid camera time/photo opportunities. & I swear that it's the BEST kind of workout. You are having so much fun hiking along you barely notice that you're doing cardio (Ew) and getting an amazing leg workout at the same time. Fitness has become more of a priority in my life BECAUSE of hiking. I love working out because I feel great- and I love challenging myself to be healthier, faster, stronger. In an effort to be a better hiker I have incorporated different kinds of fitness into my weekly routine: weight lifting, running with the pups, and my newest obsession Yoga (Heated power yoga but also Goat Yoga).

I promise goat yoga will make you a better hiker...you heard it here first.

This was my longest hike I've done in a while. The dogs and I were kinda feeling it. During the winter months while hiking we stuck to shorter hikes, some at lower elevation. We have so many awesome hikes planned for 2018 we were ready to get back out again, and start building up endurance. Another secret perk of hiking- the more you do it, the better you will get at it. For me, having exercise induced asthma, I need this physical activity to stretch and get more capacity out of my lungs. Same for the doggins, it's important to condition them to the miles and days spent on the trail. In a few months from now? 9 Miles will feel like nothing.

We'll keep on crushing our 4000 footer goal.

Sarah and Blaze (Blaze looks innocent but was actually covered in Poop) Gross

Happy Girls

We made great time and were back to the car by 3:30pm. Not the fastest time, but there was a point when I first started that I would allot 1 hour of time per mile. So a 9 mile hike like Moriah, I would give myself a 9 hour window to complete. Killing it nowadays AND this was my slow time after not hiking for a bit. And we had plenty of time to stop on our way back through North Conway for caffeinated beverages. The things I would do for an Earl Gray Tea Latte from The Met.... JK, and Sorry Mom, I'll keep it PG, LOL.

Consider this the start to many more escapades coming in 2018! More 4000 footers, backpacking trips, and whatever silly quests I can attempt during my weekends off. I promise I'll try not to get too busy, that I forget to write about it for you. I hope that everyone is enjoying the warm weather after a super deserving, long winter.

Post Holing! A NH Extreme Sport

Oh beautiful, for spacious skies... Presidential Range just makes you want to sing

Make some time to get outside :)

Happy Hiking!

- Laura the Explorer

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