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Mt. Garfield: Shiba Siblings (Luna Meets Ricky Bobby)

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Peaks: Garfield

Miles: 10

Trail: Garfield Trail

Hike Date: 6/16/2018

Heyyy friends! What do you know, I hit # 36/48 this weekend.

Absolutely crushing this goal to hike the 48 peaks. I am actually in awe to only need 12 more mountains to complete my list. 2018 has been nothing short of epic so far! I began this journey 3 years ago, and at the time I had never even heard of this challenge to hike all 48 peaks. After that first summit though, I was completely hooked. Reflecting on 35 peaks later, things are just going pretty swell. (35 of the 48 list, but countless other summits too) Miss Luna Shiba Sheebs hit # 24 for halfway there. Repeat mountain for Blaze since he has hiked this one before.

Now, I am sure you are curious about this title! Shiba siblings? As in double trouble of Shiba Shenanigans? You bet. & Who is Ricky Bobby?

Meet Ricky Bobby!

Thanks to the internet & Instagram- Samantha and I randomly started following each other. Because yo- we both have Shiba's AND go hiking. My kinda people. We ended up chatting one day- you know stuff like where did you get your Shiba and how old, later uncovering that we have Shiba's from the SAME litter. What a small world that we both live and hike in New Hampshire with our pups! The coincidences are out of this world. Naturally, we wanted to meet up for a hike and re-introduce our fur babies.

We met up at the trailhead for 8am, already a fairly busy place, and set off to hike a new mountain and meet some new friends. Right off the bat I could already tell that Ricky Bobby is a WAY more well behaved dog than Luna... I kept her on leash at the beginning so that I could let her get to know him slowly and of course keep her under control as they were introduced. She is just a very sassy thing. She does great when hiking with other dogs, and when we are moving on the trail.

They were best friends in no time.

Squad Goals

Ricky Bobby is the cutest little blonde Shiba! He actually looks like Luna's twin, just blonde or cream colored. They are practically the same size, they both love mountains and sticks. & His Momma Samantha is just as sweet. We chatted all day long and seriously had a great day. She also has 2 super cool jobs working in the Mt. Washington Observatory and is President of the Androscoggin Search and Rescue group. Naturally I had a million questions! Plus both of us being Shiba owners we had tons of things to talk about to compare similar habits of our 2.

We were at the summit before I knew it. Although a 5 mile hike in, it was a really gradual climb with some flat parts of the trail. Very forgiving after the STEEP climb up South Twin I did last weekend (See the Blog Post here). At the top we enjoyed a Summit Beer which Sam so generously provided. We were on the summit for almost 2 hours. The views and sunshine were just too hard to leave. The dogs also shared these adorable bones from a local Dog Bakery in North Conway- Four Your Paws Only courtesy of Sam (She's clearly wicked awesome)!


Summit Bones for the Shiba Siblings <3

Mt. Garfield is a really beautiful peak. From the summit we could see the Galehead Hut. Kind of surreal to look over and recognize from a different view, another place I was just at. The more hiking I do, the more I learn to identify peaks and mark down some favorite places and trails. I love the remote views of pure wilderness and mountains, without the pollution of roads or highways. The good views you can really only get to by going deep into the white mountains and hiking some miles.

"Take me to a quiet place with earth under our backs, cradled in a forest glade. There we will point out things we see, and acknowledge those things we do not. In solitude, we take in the wisdom offered in each other. And take in the hum of the forest."

Eventually you have to walk back down the mountain. At least a hike tends me to keep me full for a few days. Full of adventure and post hike feel good stuff. You see, each week coming home from the mountains, I have to go back to the traffic, busy, stuffy suits and cubicles of working in real life. And each week by... Tuesday mid day, I'm all set with it. As the week goes on, the more I crave everything the mountains offer me: fresh air, time with my pups, mountain views. It resets me. I always come back happy, and sore and full. & I do it all over again the following week. I really can't get enough.

On our hike out my knee is kind of bothering me. A sharp pain every time I bend it or put weight on it... basically everything that hiking consists of. Inside I am battling and basically hoping with my everything that my knee isn't injured. Hiking as I mentioned above, is an addiction. I can't imagine not having my hikes to run away too. I have never had an injury before (knock on wood). And I don't plan to start now. On my last 2 weeks (Zealand and Galehead/South Twin) I fell, and smashed the same left knee on the rocks. I have always been a walking smorgasbord of uncoordinated butter fingers, I usually take a few digs during hiking and nothing comes of it. Maybe some minor bruises, but mostly free entertainment for my hiking friends who get to witness.

Good thing I brought Search and Rescue with me on this hike! LOL Okay, just kidding. I was just sore, nothing major and I will always walk out on my 2 feet. But she did offer me a piggy back ride haha.

Luna decided to show off that she is the naughtiest of the brother/sister duo... aaannnd found some poop to roll in. Disgusting. We are not even on the AT, but for some reason you people cannot figure out proper etiquette to walk farther from the trail and bury your shit! I honestly, just find it comical at this point. Although my boyfriend is getting pretty annoyed that I require his help to bathe her after every single weekend hike we go on. Luckily this time it seems to mostly be on her harness and not so much on her being.

To show off further she then sticks her entire face in some mud. She is in rare form. Here is a moment where I question her ridiculousness:

The day was so beautiful we spent another hour soaking up sunshine in the parking lot with Ricky Bobby. My doggins were in the car in the AC due to poop groundation, and Blaze's tendency to roam.

I am so grateful that I got to meet these two! We made plans to hike and backpack again, both agreeing that it's hard to find people who enjoy overnights vs just day hiking. It's amazing what can happen just by being open to new things. What started as a hike with strangers ended as friends. I would just encourage you all to go out on a limb, you never know what could happen... you could find your dogs brother online and have a dog family reunion hike. Yes, I've fully accepted our crazy dog lady status.

Epic High Fives

Update on the knee situation.. I was livid by the time I reached the car. Naturally. I've got shit to do... Presi Traverses to train for, Banff National Park in 3 WEEKS, backpacking trips, and at minimum 12 more 4k footers to hike. I iced it and elevated it as soon as I got home. I woke up today- no pain whatsoever! I'm thinking must've been due to over use. Come on I'm not THAT old yet. I'm going to rest and stretch. Take my daily vitamins, you know just in case for good measure. And use trekking poles next time. I need this knee to get me up a few more hundred bajillion peaks and places.

-Laura the Explorer

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