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Mt. Cardigan

Updated: Dec 12, 2017

Mileage: 3 Miles

Hike Time: 2.5 Hours

Trail Head: Cardigan Mountain State Park

Mt. Cardigan is for the lazy hikers out there (i.e. sometimes myself). On this particular Saturday we had time to sleep in, venture out for breakfast burritos and eggnog coffee THEN finallyyyy get our butts in gear to go hiking. We didn't even leave my house until almost noon, and got to the trailhead just after 1. Usually I am up at 6am for longer and full day hikes. This in comparison with sleep ins and breakfast burritos? I can get down with that.

Side Note: I'm not sure if you guys already know this about me, but i'm kinda obsessed with breakfast. Especially if it involves burritos or avocado toast. Huge fan. It makes my heart happy.

Microspikes were extremely helpful as there was significant ice starting halfway up. Most other hikers we passed were bare booting it (do able) but the spikes definitely gave us more speed since we didn't have to rock hop or go off trail. There is something so refreshing about winter air, I truly don't appreciate it in my quick walks to and from the car getting to work. It takes a couple hours of adventuring in the forest and up a mountain for it to sink in.

Blaze and Luna enjoying the summit

The dogs seriously had a great time. They ran their little hearts out all around chasing each other. Luna even agreed to wear this coat, she usually fights it but it was a chilly on the exposed summit.

This was a great, easy hike. There is a fire tower on the top, door was locked to it but you can brave up 2 flights of stairs for a better view.

Mmmhm check out those views ;) .. How come my blog doesn't come with emojis. Kind of crucial to my writing style which is normally emoji filled.

Ok back to the hike! The trailhead was really easy to find, just punched in Cardigan Mountain State Park in GPS. GPS brought us some sketchy ways down all dirt roads and through an entire neighborhood where people collected yard trash (i'm not kidding and I hope the people of this town are not offended but just wondering what you are saving those 15 old dead cars for??)

Because it was pretty chilly anytime we breaked we forgot to eat snacks AND forgot to drink our summit beers. It was sacrilege. We happily scarfed down mini muffins back at the car. Although frozen post hike they were delicious. Frozen mini muffins, new trend? Just kidding...Remind me to rethink my hiking snacks for winter.

This hike was 15/ 52. So that means I'll be back with tons more hiking stories for you. Like at least 37 more times.

Happy Trails!

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