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Battling Seniors on Mt. Willard

Updated: Dec 20, 2017

**Please Note: This post contains things that might be offensive to you including controversial topics, references to senior citizens, and my loud opinions. If you are "sensitive" or a little bitch about any of these topics, please refrain from continuing.**

Hike Date: 11/25/2017

Peak: Mount Willard

Mileage: 3.2

Had some free time to myself on a lucky Saturday. Naturally, I decided to go hiking. I hadn't solo'd in months and was long overdue. When I first started hiking the thought of going alone terrified me, but it actually grows on you.

Reasons why everyone should try solo hiking:

  • You go by your plans and your pace

  • You don't have to share your snacks

  • Free radio control on drive to and from the hike

  • You can pee literally at any point while hiking without having to have an awkward convo first. "Hey, i'm going to break and use facilities. I'll catch up with you..."

  • Instills an immediate sense of confidence, independence and "Badassery"

This hike is busyyy! Great for families since its around 3 miles total, but not great if you enjoy peace and quiet and solitude. There is an awesome little pool and waterfall on the way up. Perfect for doggins to stop and get a drink. Or if your dogs are like Blaze, go swimming even though it was November.. he's crazy :)

This peak has a deceiving summit, that you will want to be warned about. The trail pops you out for a beautiful view point overlooking Crawford Notch. While its all pretty and a great place to stop for lunch, the true summit is just a little bit further through the woods. Keep walking the ledges on this viewpoint until you get to the trail (towards right if you are facing view). Follow this for another little section (I believe its .1 or .2 ) and you will reach another view point and finally the summit! A lot of people stop at the view point and don't continue on, so if you are looking for privacy you might be able to claim the view point or true summit to yourself.

I almost forgot! I have to tell you about the old man fight. Well, I decide to hike back down and I'm cruising right along. I tend to run down mountains, just easier that way sometimes. I'm going pretty fast which is helping me avoid talking to the loads of people out hiking today. Until this old man stops me and says:

Old Man: "I want to commend you for leashing your dog. But maybe you should consider leashing your other dog too, as it might upset other people on the trail"

Me: "Yeah, I'm all set with that. There is no leash law here, and it's a free country so have a great day Sir."

Luna was leashed because she is still in training for off leash hikes. Blaze is off leash BECAUSE HE WOULD LITERALLY KILL ME and pull me down the mountain lol. He's a 70lb sled dog, bred to pull. The mountain is icy. He is the FRIENDLIEST dog you will ever meet. He loves people, children, other dogs, you name it. This also made me consider for a second if I should be living my life in a way that would not offend people. Oh boy, maybe I should leash him because god forbid someone doesn't like him...


This is controversial subject. You live your life how you want, I'll live my life how I want. All is good in the world.

Guess what.

The old man jinxed me. I get to the bottom of the hike, and am getting ready to leash my dogs to bring them back to the car. Blaze's leash is missing...It was strapped to the outside of my bag, and must have fallen off during my run down.

Moral of the story is that old men should probably mind their own business. & I should probably be nice to them so they don't cast Karma spells on me.

Happy Hiking!

- Laura the Explorer

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