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2018 Plans of Badassery

Fun little fact about me: When I am not hiking I am constantly adventure planning! It's an obsession. At any given time there all kinds of schemes and dreams and plans swirling around in this little head of mine. Sometimes I will price check flights, browse airbnb, or research my next hike.

As a result of this I bring you- The 2018 Plans of Badassery! These are also going to be some sneak previews of future blog posts! Get excited people! You can count on random spontaneous adventures as well. Like surprises!

1.) Banff National Park- July 2018

Beyond excited to go explore the Canadian Rockies. This will be my first time leaving the country. We are going to hike and explore all around, hopefully not meet any bears face to face.

Moraine Lake

Lake Agnes Teahouse

You hike up to a tea house where you can then order tea and sweets, soup, bread and sandwiches. Mind. Blown.

Banff Hot Springs

2.) Yurt Getaway up in the Adirondack Mountains, NY- March 2018

Forever bucket list item to sleep in a yurt, and for my birthday weekend, we are making it happen! Probably knock a High Peak off the list too

Here is the link for the Airbnb if anyone wants to check it out

Picture below from a previous visit to the Adirondacks, NY

3.) White Water Rafting, Zip-lining & Glamping- Melissa's Bachelorette Party Weekend- May 2018

More firsts for me! I have never white water rafted before, nor have I ever been to a Bachelorette Party. For the rafting I hear we will be in wet suits, so that should help with the May water temps. As for zip-lining... I have only gone once on a tiny zipline, and it was terrifying. I am afraid of heights, but going to do it anyways. Melissa assures me it will be fun & that I'll feel like a badass after. We'll see...

4.) Hike Mt. Katahdin, Maine's Highest Peak- August 2018

Shooting for August so that we will have prime weather. John has already hiked this, but I haven't so he'll just have to do it again. We have some friends who want to join too! The saddest part will be leaving our dogs behind, as they are not allowed in Baxter State Park. It will definitely be up on the blog after!

5.) Complete a Presidential Traverse

This is one of those crazy things that I would maybe joke about, but not sure if I'd ever get the chance to complete. Well. Then I met other people crazy enough to do it with me! Don't call it a dream, call it a plan. Thinking we would do this as a backpacking trip to give us more time than a single day Presi-Traverse. It will definitely require some careful planning and training in advance to prepare for this. I will want strong legs, and strong lungs (for this asthmatic) I'm sure my friends are ready to do it, like right now haha.

23 Miles, over 10 Presidential Peaks

6.) Backpack the Bonds Traverse

The Bonds are supposed to be an amazing hike! Surrounded by miles and miles of wilderness that once you get started there is only one way out- forward, up and over a few more peaks.

From my last backpacking trip on Owl's Head

7.) Catch a Trophy Large Mouth Bass

This one could've been my largest to date, I threw him back so he could get a little bigger and we could meet again

8.) Mountain Bike

Another first. Both of my brothers are obsessed and ride regularly. I've been told they have an extra bike I can try out. Thinking I need a full body suit of protection for this? Like I know they make knee pads, can I have that, for all of me. & My face?

9.) Visit my family's Cabin in Chatham, NH

Such a special place. It was built by my great grandfather in 1974, and keeps so many fond childhood memories for me. Going back is so nostalgic. PLUS there is so much cool stuff up here: A hidden mica mine, all kinds of mountains and hiking trails, Rattlesnake pool & Emerald Pool and an amazing mountain fire pizza place.

10.) Keep checking off those 4000 footers!

31/48 Completed, so we still have some hiking to do

11.) Camp! As often as I possibly can

12.) Spend a weekend in Montreal

Now that I have my passport and all. Oh, the possibilities are endless

I would love to hear from you guys! Have you been to any of these places or completed a Presidential Traverse? Visited Banff or even Canda in general? I love advice and recommendations. Plus it's my first time leaving the country. Help! I would also love to hear feedback from my readers if you guys think these are interesting blog post topics. Leave me some comments and love below.

-Laura the Explorer

**Please note: as I have not yet visited some of these places, some of these photos are not mine. They are from google images. I tried to provide some links **

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