About Me

Laura Bergeron

Hobbies and Interests:

Hiking, camping, backpacking, photography, travel, fishing, whiskey, craft beer, tree houses and log cabins

I fell in love with hiking 2 years ago. It was an immediate love connection, and I was hooked.  It's also where I met John (Mountain Man AKA  boyfriend) & Blaze! We met on Tecumseh, my 1st 4000 footer.  It's amazing the difference 2 years can make. Blaze taught me to hike solo.  I needed a dog companion to get started. Now I love it and try to brave out solo hikes every so often to reset.  Shortly later I got Luna, and I now have the best hiking companions anyone could ask for!


Meet The Doggins:

Luna is my Shiba Inu, 1.5 years old and the sassiest thing you have ever met  She enjoys hiking, treats of all kinds, chasing cats and squeak toys.


Blaze the Siberian Husky is 4, almost 5 years old. Also an avid hiker. His favorite things include: finding mischief on the trails (porcupines, grouses, baby deer, a bear once, and human feces).

Blaze is famous on Youtube as the dog who says No. Check out the link below:

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Camera Info:

Nikon D3400

Mt. Jefferson Hike
Blaze and Luna on Mt. Madison
Luna, Blaze and I on Mt. Cardigan